Repair & Refurbishment

Whenever Operators invest in CPE equipment for the use of their subscribers they need to know they can deliver sustainable value until the end of the product's life cycle. But products go wrong, or get damaged by subscribers or are simply returned in unknown condition when subscribers 'churn'.

We specialize in repairing and refurbishing set-top boxes and other home networking devices. Through our state-of-the art center in Chennai, our network of partners throughout India and our many years experience we provide our customers with a fast, cost-effective, efficient repair service.

  • Screening, testing & diagnosis
  • In-Warranty and Out-of Warranty Product Repair
  • Product hardware updates
  • Software Updates
  • Refurbishment (Cosmetic Parts)
  • Data wiping
  • Re-kitting, Re-packaging
  • Parts Inventory management

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